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Tell Better Stories.

Provide remote learning for you and your team through an interactive, storytelling webinar. This is one example done for ATD Houston, which shifted the conversation away from straight storytelling and focused more on elements that learners were overlooking: namely, character design as it relates to plot. Within an hour, we were able to cover the basics of storytelling science, the problems with conventional approaches to learning how to tell stories, and techniques for learners to build their own dramatic premises and character ontologies.

The focus of this webinar was to shift the conversation away from storytelling as depicting scenarios, and to talk more about the fundamentals of what makes great stories: compelling, relatable characters.

We have zero percent attrition during these seminars, where attendees are notorious for leaving. They not only find value in the content, but they have direct access to us to answer questions or factor in projects they’re currently working on. In many cases, if we know what projects they have in mind, we can work in that specific challenge and workshop ideas with the team.