Character Profiles
Comprehensive Needs Analysis

Built For the Company’s Unique Culture

Bechtel wanted to create a change management program for its 55,000 employees – with global appeal, timely delivery, and extreme technical limitations. For Phase I, I delivered a comprehensive strategy that would solve their issue.

This document included everything from what apps to use for their LMS, what stories to use for their learning, character types and personas that aligned with the core values of their employees, the media modalities best-suited to learner preference, and spaced-learning approaches to drive behavior change. It also included a detailed cost analysis, so they knew exactly how much the initiative would cost with no surprises.


Bechtel had an intensive, instructor-led training program for Change Management. They wanted to expand it to all 55,000 employees globally, but weren’t having success with both its adoption and its reception. They desperately wanted to make the content more accessible, maximize the limited time their hard-working employees had to take courses, and overcome some technical hurdles of being on rigs in the middle of nowhere without a solid Internet connection.

What I Did

Media Analysis
Character Design
Story Development
Learning Evaluation
Media Modality Strategy
Technical Consulting

Consumption Trends

The first step was to assess how global learners were consuming content, what was working, and what could be improved. Because time was a prized resource, and often limited, learners needed solutions that catered to their chaotic schedules – yet still be robust enough to elicit a behavior change. Content also need to be flexible to the delivery mechanism due to location, device availability, and bandwidth.

Story Arcs

Based on the training objectives of the client, a number of interconnected story arcs were designed so that viewers could easily shift perspective to see things from the point of view of characters they identified with most. This helped make complex situations more understood, rather than oversimplifying the issues (which were anything but simple).

Character Design

Each character was built into a conflict matrix: their complicated relationship made them both advocates and hindrances – depending on circumstance. This allowed for emotional investment into who these people were, rather than displaying caricatures of “personality types.” As far as the audience was concerned, these were real people with real, heart-felt problems.

Comprehensive Strategy

The final product was a 50-page, comprehensive media strategy that any capable video producer could take to create incredible and compelling content. It discussed methodology, explained the motivation behind more innovative approaches, and pointed to external resources should the SMEs and IDs want more information.