Get Shit Done

Most creative people leave projects unfinished because they’re overwhelmed by possibilities. I have a systematic process that improves productivity and destroys creative blocks so that you achieve your most important goals.


The myth of the creative process is that you’re either born with it or you don’t have it; that it can’t be stretched and improved, like a muscle. I’m here to unequivocally say that’s bullshit. You can methodically apply a step-by-step process that will get you into a creative space each and every time – helping you achieve innovative results at a faster pace. Creativity is the very defining feature of what it means to be human, and can apply to all facets of human engineering – from researching cures for cancer to designing an award-winning blockbuster. I have a wealth of proven creative problem-solving methodologies that will get you to consistently and predictably generate novel solutions to complex problems.


Unveiling the mystery of creativity

Every creative project involves this four-step framework, and no single stage is more important than the others. People often get stuck because they fixate on the step that corresponds with their creative preference. Instead, view these stages on a continuum, where you strengthen the stages that are traditionally difficult for you (either through development or time-saving tools).

My framework allows for easy communication around creative projects, helping you understand what stage your project is currently in and the scope of what is necessary to complete it. I can also build you a personalized strategy optimized for your creative process – supercharging your work so that you never stall.

Take the First Step

Get resources and direction to actualize your difficult creative projects by yourself or hire me as a creative director to manage them through completion.