Get creatively unstuck.

My strengths are story design, goal setting, and video production. Scroll down to see which services I offer and choose the one that best suits your needs in turning your idea into a finished product.


Most creators areĀ overwhelmed by options. It becomes stressful trying to manage all of the data involved in creative choices. I organize information so that you can make quick choices about what avenues to pursue and what to ignore or repurpose elsewhere. I deliver a comprehensive, strategic roadmap with everything necessary to solve your storytelling challenges.

Here are specific areas of expertise in my creative services consulting:

  • story logic and design
  • story structure models
  • character profiles and ontologies
  • integrated character arcs or character webs
  • plot, symbol, and theme lines
  • screenplay doctoring
  • complete screenplays
  • preproduction roadmaps
  • storyboard designs
  • unit production manager (UPM) services

If you have a story that you want transformed into a producible, professional script or if you have a script that needs to be refined and improved, this is the best option for you.

Film Directing

Stories do more than engage the attention of an easily distracted audience: they can move viewers to take action. But there’s a lot that can go wrong, creating a fine line between success and failure. To ensure your media project is a success to you or your clients – that it makes you money, reaches your audience, and has the impact you want – you need someone who understands the unforeseen pitfalls specific to your project. Whether you are crafting a Super Bowl advert, a local business promotional video, or a safety or leadership training film, I remove the pressure and handle all the production details for you.

My production services include the following:

  • comprehensive script analysis
  • preproduction consulting
  • full-service video production
  • video editing and postproduction
  • asset delivery via neatly organized archive

Clients benefit additionally from this service – both financially and artistically – as they also have access to my production equipment and network of talented crew.

It’s Time To

Finish Your Project

After an initial conversation about your creative goals and current obstacles, you will receive a detailed strategy to move your project from idea to finished product.